When real property taxes become three years delinquent, the county treasurer begins foreclosure action. After the Certificate of Delinquency has been filed all taxes, interest, penalty and foreclosure costs are due to redeem property from foreclosure (RCW 84.64).

Notice of Sale


Minimum Bid Sheets and Foreclosure Packets can be picked up at the Treasurer’s Office free of charge. It will be updated each time a parcel has been redeemed until the day before the sale.

Foreclosure Sale

The auction will be conducted online via Public Surplus Internet website January  6th, 2023 at 10am thru January 7th, 2023 at 12pm. .PublicSurpluslogo,wa/list/current?orgid=341783


If you wish to bid, pre-registration instructions will be posted on our Public Surplus Storefront. Contact Public Surplus for instructions and questions pertaining to registration.  A bidder is legally and financially responsible for all properties bid upon whether acting as one’s self or acting as an agent. All bidders must be 18 years of age or older. 


Payment information will be located at our Public Surplus storefront.  Contact Public Surplus for instructions and questions pertaining to payments.

Treasurer's Deed

You will be charged a fee for the preparation of the Treasurer’s Deed and the filing of the excise tax affidavit and the deed. Your deed will be recorded and returned to you within 30 days of the sale. Once property is sold in a Treasurer’s Foreclosure Sale there is no redemption period unless the legal owner is a minor or considered legally incompetent. (RCW 84.64.070)

Unsold Properties

Properties not sold become the property of the County. A separate procedure exists which allows this property to be sold as county Tax Title Property. 

Lien Holders

Generally, all liens on foreclosed properties are extinguished. However, the county can make no guarantees that the prior lien holders will honor this extinguishment. If  prior lien holders attempt to collect on their liens after the property has been foreclosed on, it is entirely up to the new owner to defend against these claims. (RCW 84.64.080)


The interested party must do all research. Normally this would include checking for recorded liens with the Auditor's office, maps and property values in the Assessor’s Office, checking with the Public Works/Building and Planning to inquire about the appropriate use of the land. Please be advised, these parcels are privately owned until the conclusion of the auction. Any site inspection of the listed parcels must be done with the authorization of the current parcel owner. Anyone inspecting these parcels from anywhere other than the access point does so without authorization of Asotin County. Please respect the property rights of the parcel owners.) The Treasurer's Office does not have any access to these properties. 

It is up to you to know exactly what you are bidding on. We cannot stress this enough!

Discrepancies on a Map

Just because a property looks desirable on a map does not mean it is in actuality. A map does not show the topography such as ravines, hills, slopes, etc., nor does the map show what is on the property (dense growth, boulders, debris, garbage, etc.).

Easements are not extinguished by the foreclosure sale but remain with the land. You may not block the easement or try to extort money out of the users. The parcels of land are offered where is and as is without any representation or warranty, expressed or implied. No claim will be considered for allowance or adjustment or for rescission of the sale based upon failure of the property to conform to any representation, express or implied.

2022 Foreclosure Sale

The foreclosure sale is tentatively scheduled for January 6, 2023.