Noxious Weed Control Board


The Asotin County Noxious Weed Control Board (ACNWCB) consists of five members appointed by the Asotin County Commissioners, each representing a different geographical section of Asotin County.

  • Tom Petty, Chairman, District 2
  • Brit Ausman, District 5
  • Jerry Hendrickson, District 4
  • Vacant, District 1
  • Vacant, District 3

Weed Board members act in accordance with Revised Code of Washington 17.10 and Chapter 16 750 of the Washington Administrative Code.


  • Districts Map of Asotin County (PNG) Opens in new windowDistrict 1 (Peola) - Area south of the Snake River, west of the city of Clarkston, north of Asotin Creek Road, and east of Garfield County.
  • District 2 (Cloverland) - Area south of Asotin Creek Road, north and west of Cloverland Road, and east of Garfield County.
  • District 3 (Asotin Flats) - Area laying south and east of Cloverland Road, west of Highway 129, north of the Asotin/Wallowa County line, and east of Garfield County.
  • District 4 (Tenmile) - Area laying south of Weissenfels Road, west of the Snake River, east of Highway 129, and north of Asotin/Wallowa County line.
  • District 5 (Clarkston, Asotin) - Area surrounding the cities of Clarkston and Asotin; extending south and west of the Snake River, east of a longitudinal line running through the junction of Asotin Creek Road and Cloverland Road, and north of the latitudinal line running through Weissenfels Road.

Weed Board Philosophy

The invasion, establishment and spread of noxious weeds is one of the most serious threats to our natural resources today. Our wildlife, native vegetation, water quality, aesthetics, agricultural production, forest production and recreation either have been or are at risk of being altered to unacceptable levels due to the spread of noxious weeds.

The Asotin County Noxious Weed Control Board is funded by property tax revenue as well as grant funding from various organization at local, state and federal level. The ACNWCB allocate those public dollars toward the interests of those who paid them; namely, the landowners and land-users in Asotin County. We are working to establish and maintain an integrated vegetation management approach toward the control of noxious weeds within our boundaries. We value the diversity of the land as well as the diversity of the people who choose to make this county their home.