New Jail Facility / Criminal Justice Center

Jail Project UPDATE

Bids for the construction of the new jail were received and opened on the 23rd of March at 2:01 PM. Of the 2 bids received the low bid was approximately $33 Million at almost 3 times the budget. The Board of Commissioners officially rejected the Bids at the 4th of April, 2022, regular meeting.

 In conjunction with the Architect, Clemmons, Rutherford, and Associates (CRA), a review of the bid and project design is being conducted for Value Engineering and possible reduction in the scope of the build. As stated by CRA one example of the high and rapidly increasing costs of materials was Mechanical Subcontractor's costs rising 200% this past year. In addition, as we have seen here locally, fuel and energy costs continue to rise and there is a lack of commercial transportation availability and the availability of materials. Further, the rising labor costs and availability of labor add to a situation causing vendors to guess about future pricing based on scheduled construction. Many components and materials needed are not readily available to vendors to meet our proposed schedule to fill orders on time with high “Expedited Fees” which may have been necessary. As we see in our everyday lives with effects of increasing inflation it is even greater on large commercial construction, especially in specialized applications. 

Both the County and CRA are committed to building the new Jail within the budget. This Jail is not being constructed out of desire but necessity. We will build the best Jail possible considering the budget, inflation, labor, and material availability.

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