New Jail Facility / Criminal Justice Center

Asotin County New Jail Press Release 11/22

On 10 October, 2022, at the regular meeting of the Asotin County Board of commissioners, Kenaston-Leone & Keeble Group was selected as the general Contractor/Construction Manager for the Design Build of the new Jail. Since then they have been working closely with the Architect, Clemons-Rutherford & Assoc. as well as the Sherriff and Corrections Officers to consider options.

In considering options they have altered the design decreasing the footprint of the building retaining the bed count goal of 120. In addition to the smaller building they are currently pricing alternative materials, equipment and security systems. This timely and complex pricing should produce the maximum jail for the budget considering all the economic, supply chain and pricing issues. 

It is anticipated that this process should complete in late February 2023 with construction commencing soon thereafter. As the process continues a more definite construction schedule will be presented with an anticipated completion date of April / May, 2024.

Construction started in August of 23 and it is expected that the completion date is October 24. There are still supply chain and availability issues but the Architect, Kenaston and sub-contractors are working together to work with vendors. The first few months of the project brought the site to grade which is complete, and
installing underground utilities and piping/conduit. As of early October they are starting to dig building footings. If you go by the site in October you may not really see the in ground activities

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