Legal Financial Obligations

To make payments for Legal Financial Obligations on Superior Court Cases, you can use any of the following payment options.

Pay in Person

Payments of either cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card can be made in person to the Clerk's Office on the Second Floor of the Courthouse. (Note: There is a card service fee when using a card.)

Pay by Mail

Payments of either check or money order made out to the Asotin County Clerk can be mailed to the Clerk's Office at the Address Below.

Asotin County Clerk
PO BOX 159
Asotin, WA 99402

Pay over the Phone

Payments with a card can be made over the phone by calling our Office at 509-243-2081 during business hours of 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 5pm.

Pay Online

Payments can be made online through the Asotin Clerk nCourt website. You will need to know the case number to make the payment.
If you do not know the case number, you can find it by visiting the Washington Courts website.

(Note: Superior Court case numbers DO NOT have letters in them (example 9Z0012345 or CRC012345) These are District Court Cases/Tickets, and you will need to pay them on the District Court website.)

The County Clerk is authorized to collect unpaid legal financial obligations at any time the offender remains under the jurisdiction of the court for purposes of his or her Superior Court legal financial obligations under RCW9.94A.760.