2018 Outstanding Adult Volunteers Nominations and Winners

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And thank you to everyone that nominated these exceptional individuals and groups!



Marcia Barkley – Asotin Elementary School

Kim Duggar – Moxie Salon, StarShine Project

Ruth Monahan – Asotin Co Master Gardener

Dwayne Paris – City of Asotin Fire Dept.

Mackenzie Welch – Asotin County Fairboard



Marty Schlader – Lincoln Middle School teacher
Nominated by Pat Ogden, teacher at Lincoln Middle School

Marty gives countless hours serving youth in Asotin and Nez Perce Counties.  First, he has helped me coach two Asotin County basketball teams, the CRUSH and MINI- CRUSH.  Over the last 3 years he has given hundreds of hours of positive instruction, with never any mention of being compensated.The girls and families love him because he is so personable and always has others best interest in mind. To say he is a giver would be an understatement.  Next, between Lincoln Middle Schools and Lewiston School Districts track meets, it is nearly impossible to find a meet that Marty is not volunteering his time and talents to make the meet a success. It takes a lot of time and energy putting these meets on, including: getting timers, finding people to run the events, and compiling the results in a timely manner.  Finally, it is evident that Marty makes a difference in Asotin County because anytime you are with him in the community and a youth or adult see him they instantly want to give him a hug and strike up a conversation. He always remembers their name and has a story that comes out which leads to a lot of laughter.

Marty, is definitely a difference maker in Asotin County. Ask anyone that knows or has been touched by him and his kindness, and they’ll tell you the same thing.


Kim Belanger, Asotin County 4-H Coordinator
Nominated by Stephanie Lathrop, 4-H leader

Kim is so very committed to helping the youth in our community.  She volunteers in numerous capacities and always has a smile on her face. In addition to her duties as 4-H coordinator for Asotin County, she frequently spends her personal time on weekends helping with events and fundraisers for 4-H youth.

Kim is an advocate for youth programs. She works hard to be everything to everyone and is consistently answering questions regarding other offices. She knows everything that is going on and always have answers to all the questions I ask. I know that she extends this courtesy to all community members.

This was an especially challenging year for the Asotin County Fair.  Kim stepped up and took over the big task of setting up and learning the new Fair Entry program so that the kids could enter their Fair projects.  There was a very short period of time for this to get done.  Kim made herself available evenings and weekends to help families that had questions or problems with the new program.

Kim’s efforts were instrumental in making the Asotin County Fair happen this year and I’d like to extend a special thank you not only from me, but from all 4-H & FFA leaders, parents, volunteers and youth as your actions have a huge positive impact on the kids. Thanks so much for all you do!!