2018 Outstanding Youth and Youth Group Nominations and Winners

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And thank you to everyone that nominated these exceptional individuals!



Asotin County Junior Fairboard:  Anna Aarstad, Dylan Pederson, Tyler Nichol

Muddy Buddyz 4-H group:  Levi Lathrop, Austin Smith, Rachael Spinelli, Tristan Spooner, Chastin Spring




Zachary Payton – Lincoln Middle School

Nominated by :  Christy Simons and Janelle Snyder, Instructors at Lincoln Middle School

Zach  had a desire to help the homeless in our valley, so he organized a blanket and sleeping bag drive for the ROC homeless  center at LMS.

Zach spearheaded the blanket drive this year. He knew he wanted to do something bigger—beyond our student body—under the heading of “Kindness Heroes”. He sought out an advisor for the project, got permission from admin, recruited for and helped run meetings, made phone calls to potential places to serve, advertised, and went way out of his comfort zone to speak with people –including adults in the community—to see his dream happen. Zach has expressed a desire to continue making a difference through Kindness Heroes and the kindness committee—although he doesn’t need either to be an awesome peer and student for everyone around him. Zach grew a lot this year and is on his way to being a consistently contributing member of society who goes above and beyond just being kind to those around him.

Zach is a great kid!  He stays behind each day to help me get my room picked up and chairs stacked.  A great bid smile is always on his face and he is so pleasant to be around.  He has genuine concern for any student who is having a bad day or has had something negative happen to them, and this spills over to his concern for the less fortunate  in our valley.




Asotin Junior Firefighters

Anna Aarstad, Brad Bailey, Cameron Balzer, Nicole Conner, David Daily, Mason Devorak, William Frye, Matthew Heir, Bryce Hukriede, Colton Lawless, Caitlyn Paris, Nick Rogers, Wyatt Weissenfels

Nominated by Dwayne Paris, City of Asotin Fire Dept.

These youth  have joined the JR  Firefighters group at the City of Asotin FD.    Over the last year they have dedicated themselves to learning  Emergency Medical response, and Firefighting skills.    There is no greater contribution than being prepared to put yourself in harms way to help people you do not know.  Each of the individuals have volunteered a minimum of 100 hours , up to 200 hours  in this endeavor.  Each of these individuals are  trained  in various aspects  just like regular volunteers  that respond to 911 calls for service.  Over half of these individuals are now responding to call s for service and assisting the regular volunteers.  Each of these individuals  have demonstrated skills that they can utilize to assist injured persons with or without 911 access.  All these individuals have been involved in community development, including awareness programs, parades, fundraisers, and even cleaning the fair barns prior to the fair.

This is the first year the department has offered the Jr program.  There were many that were not sure about the program and few in the community thought it would succeed past just a few short months.  These individuals took our challenge “The more time and effort you invest in this program, the more we will invest in you.”  And have excelled.  It takes a special person to want to help others.  Many people do not understand the dedication and commitment it requires to attend training after training to prepare for the what-if’s.  These Asotin High School students have trained for the what-ifs, have learned how to not only help people they don’t know, but also family and friends in times of need.  They have demonstrated the ability to work as a team under stressful situations and have came to know their own limitations as well.  These individuals train a minimum of once a month, and in many cases attended extra training on regular Thursday night drills.  Many have also attended advanced training with our volunteers from EMT training to Live Fire training.  Why do they need to be recognized?  Take your average high school student, school, tests, sports, Honor Society, FFA, FBLA, time with friends, time with family, then add on the unknown of being a part of this department for no other recognition that to know they have the confidence to help others… It takes a special person.