And thank you to everyone that nominated these exceptional individuals!


  • Ariana Crozier
  • Jera Graham
  • Kayln Kibbe
  • Tristan Spooner



Stanzi Hay – Asotin High School

stanziNominated by Jerry Uhling, AHS Principal:  Stanzi Hay has left a legacy of leadership at Asotin High School. Her ability to tackle any situation, find opportunities for all students, and lead by example will influence her peers and Asotin High School for years to come.  “Leaders don’t create followers.  They create more leaders.”

Nominated by Monte Renzleman, City of Asotin Police Chief:   Stanzi has been a huge contributor to safety events at the Asotin High School.  She has done a lot of events about distracted driving and seatbelt use to name a few.  She has done so much it would be hard to list them out. She has also attended special events at the state and Federal level to be able to bring back to us here at Asotin to help.  I can not list all the good she has done for Asotin through her safety events.


Levi Lathrop – Clarkston High School img_9230
Nominated by Stephanie Lathrop, 4-H Leader

This is Levi’s 4th year in 4-H and he just keeps getting more awesome every year. I may be a little biased, but when other parents come to me to tell me how much they appreciate him helping their children it really makes me proud to be a parent and a leader. Levi goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is always the first to jump in and help anyone without being asked and has a great positive attitude. This year at fair Levi stepped in and helped an overwhelmed youth. He really helped to turn someone’s very stressful situation into a positive situation. He is a great role model.


Molly Williams – Lincoln Middle Schoolimg_9232
Nominated by Mike Sperry, LMS Principal

Molly is one of those kids who does the right thing even no one is watching!  While maintaining a 4.0 GPA, she has managed the volley ball team, participated in basketball, track, and her youth group.  Molly is one of the kindest students there is, probably why she was nominated for the kindness committee at LMS.  I love her natural and humbling ability to do great things, be a great student and just an awesome young lady.  So fun to be around, she is an amazing role model for all … young and old.




Back Packs for Kids projectimg_9195
Nominated by Shannon Rimmelspacher

Team Members:  Lea Edens, Theresa Eggelston, Blake Rimmelspacher.  These three organized a back pack drive that provided needed backpacks and school supplies to an orphanage in Africa.  This DECA project  turned into a community event.  It was met with an overwhelming response from the community and was very successful.  These youth organized the drive, packaged the supplies, and mailed the packages.  They had a huge impact on everyone they met.  It was very impressive to see the youth in our community be so involved and caring.


Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Youth Groupimg_9196
Nominated by Dawn Boyea, Youth Group Advisor

Team members:  Aaron Boyea, Madeline Bunce, Collin and Carson Jurries, Alton, Gabe, and Ben Rathbun, Taylor Zieglar.   For 3 years this youth group has been volunteering and fundraising for local charities in our community.  The mission of the group is to financially support other non-profit organizations in our area.


Lincoln Middle School, 7th Grade AVID Class

Nominated by Chris Bunce, Asst img_9194Librarian

Team members:  Alyssa Arthur, Jesse Baird, Shereece Boothe, Memphis Broemmeling, Madeline Dowd, Ivonne Felix, Emma Grubb, Zoey Hall, Cara Hamilton, Drew Kaufman, Dominic Maiorana, Sakina McNish, LaRae Morrow, Cole Morscheck, Kyriana Nardecchia, Lilia Nieves, Katelyn Nuxoll, Gracie Peters, Ian Reed-Powell, Marielana Ronquillo, Alyssa Sangster, Alyza’e Simmet, Gavin Wickens, Erica Wilponen, Jaylin Yoeman.  The 7th grade AVID class took it upon themselves to begin a tutoring program called TAP  – Tutorial AVID Program.  The objective of TAP is to provide peer tutors to other 7th graders.