And thank you to everyone that nominated these exceptional individuals and groups!



Judy Akers, Dale Bonfield, Shawn Bowman, Chris Bunce, Mike Cooper, Doug Jones, D.R. Schnider, Evan Southwick, Mary Lou Franzese, Ashlee Grunenfelder, Allison Hays, Tami Heath, Glen Landrus, Tammy Long, Keesje Mills, Elaine Nagle



Sharon Hoseley – Grantham Elementary School volunteer
Nominated by Don Lee and Kathy Hocking, Principal and Teacher at Grantham Elementary School

Sharon Hoseley volunteers at Grantham Elementary School every year to write, direct and put on a drama performance in which every class in the school has been invited to participate. She has done this for the last 17 years. This year she is working with just the third grades producing a play which she purchased with her own funds. Sometimes the plays are a whole school event with every student participating (most singing, but with a core of actors who have lines), and some years she forms a “drama club” and any students who want to participate can do so.

Sharon Hoseley is an amazing woman. The students and staff at Grantham are extremely lucky to have such a talented and dedicated person to give of her time and talents so selflessly. Here are but a few of the things that she does in the production of these plays: Sharon writes, directs and choreographs the plays herself. She does the staging, lighting, and programs, purchases or makes the props, and many of the costumes. She volunteers hundreds of hours with rehearsals, and working with the parents, school and teachers in coordinating the details of productions.

In addition Sharon has also affected our school in another significant way. She is the coordinator, grant writer and board member of an organization called: “Family Promise”. This organization works with homeless families of our valley. It actively helps these families to find homes, employment, training, counseling, or whatever the families need to get back on their feet again. This has affected our school in that we have families that have benefitted from the help this organization provides.

In addition to these things, Sharon has helped with our “Read Across America” celebrations, and donated time or money to our various fund raising events. She works with “First Books”, writing grants, picking out books and delivering them to the various entities that receive books from this organization.


Hager Meade –  Grantham Elementary School volunteer
Nominated by Kathy Hocking, Kristi Ronningen, & Don Lee, teachers and principal at Grantham Elementary School

Hager Meade has volunteered at Grantham for about 5 years. The students and staff at Grantham are extremely lucky to have such a dedicated person to give of his time and efforts so consistently and generously. He has been volunteering daily in the music program before school with the marimba band and goes to almost every gig hauling marimbas, building floats and even providing treats and encouragement. He is their biggest fan. Hager reads with the students, and he helps them however they need help. He works with them and encourages the students to try harder, do their best work and finish what they’ve started. He has a heart for kids and generously donates not only his time but also treats to help us celebrate whatever milestones our class reaches. Whether it is attending a field trip as a chaperone, supervising kids on a trip to Arnold park to clean it up and play kickball, participating in reading log lunch rewards, providing food for our weekend food backpacks, cleaning the playground every week, attending students baseball, soccer, dance, gymnastics and football games, Hager can be counted on to be a positive male role model in the lives of our communities youngsters as their surrogate “Grandpa.”


Lisa Ubachs – Asotin County 4-H Leader
Nominated by Stephanie Lathrop,  Asotin County Fairboard and 4-H Leader

Lisa has donated countless hours of her time volunteering by taking kids to KYG, Teen Conference, Teen Rally, Teen Summit.  She is the leader of the largest 4-H group and is mentor, role model and sole reason the Muddy Buddy’z group exists. After a conversation last summer, Lisa turned my dreams of having my own 4-H group into a reality. My group volunteered on the property last fall to help, and then her family built what I refer to as the ‘Pig-ma-hall’ as the facility is nothing short of amazing. Because of all of this, 13 youth had an amazing experience that they will never forget. It boggles the mind to imagine the positive ripple effect, that actions like this can create in the future.  She’s done so much for many of our area youth. We are so very fortunate for all the years of positive influence she and her family have had on them, and the opportunities they continue to offer.