• Kylee Andrews
  • Stanzi Hay
  • Jeremy King
  • Ryan Morbeck
  • Megan Roach
  • Ethan Smith
  • Alison Todderud
  • Julia Todderud
  • Jodi Ubachs
  • Mathew Ubachs
  • Evett Voyles


  • Robby DeVleming, Rachel Folsom, Austin Hansen
  • Sarah Dice, Caleigh Hines, Jordan Taylor
  • Cole Jenkins, Aaron Magnum, Eliza Swan
  • Anna Dolezal, Zac Dwyer, Katie Thompson
  • Aisha Lawson, Abby Webb
  • Jocelyn Lejameyer, Ashley Meyers

All team projects were recognized.

 Aisha Lawson and Molly Eldred

Aisha Lawson and Molly Eldred

 Lynn Carey and Zac Dwyer

Lynn Carey and Zac Dwyer



1STANZI HAY – 8th grade student at AsotinStanzi Hay
Stanzi has been an outstanding student at Asotin Junior High. In addition to earning straight A’s, she has been involved with a number of various activities in the community. Examples include: Catholic Heart Work camp in Portland, Oregon; Played piano at Evergreen Estates in Clarkston; Volunteered at the Food Bank in Asotin county; and Works part time at Hay’s Produce.

Stanzi puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does. She displays an amazing positive outlook in life and demonstrates leadership qualities in various activities. She is trustworthy, mature dependable, loyal, and efficient. Because we believe Stanzi is an amazing individual, it is our recommendation that she be recognized for her achievements.  (nominated by Sue Beggs, Lee Ann Felkins, Kathy Bremner and Sal Lopez – teachers at the Asotin-Anatone school)

2MEGAN ROACH –   Senior at Asotin High School
Megan RoachMegan consistently works with families, peers, and the community at large to improve relations and communication. This year as the AHS FCCLA President, Megan chose her FCCLA project to be Interpersonal Communication between parents and teenagers. She spoke with students in a Health class, had them (and their parents) complete a survey, and analyzed the results. She gave students ideas on how to better communicate and create more meaningful relationships within their families.

Megan competed at the FCCLA State Leadership Conference where not only did she earn Gold recognition, she earned a 100%! She now has the opportunity to attend Nationals in Orlando, Florida this July.

Megan has also been very active in 4-H and FFA and athletics at AHS. Congratulations Megan! (nominated by Molly Eldred, FCCLA Advisor at Asotin)

ETHAN SMITH –   8th grade student at LMS
Ethan is an amazing young man. He has spent countless hours dedicated to increasing awareness and raising money to help those afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. Recently, he organized  a “Spirit Link” fundraiser at LMS in which he inspired his classmates and teachers to raise over $500 to donate to the cause. Not only did he help raise money, but he also interviewed a physician and created a public service video that we were able to air to our students so that they would have a better understanding of this disease and the effects it has on those it afflicts. (nominated by Liane Hill, LMS Language Arts Teacher)

EVETT V3OYLES –   Senior at Clarkston High School
Evett has been a shining example of a young lady who has become engaged in her community. Examples of her community service include: Festival of Trees; Locomotive Park Christmas Lights; HO HO Hunt; Kids College; Every 15 Minutes, Vietnam Memorial Wall; Vernon Park Light for Christmas; and she helps provide child care.

Evett has been very active as well in the Asotin County Youth Commission and the Clarkston Air Force Junior ROTC Program. Thank you Evett for all that you do! (nominated by Lynn Carey, Clarkston DECA Advisor)