• Clarkston AFJROTC Program
  • Asotin County Fair Boosters
  • Asotin County Teen Group
  • Clarkston High School Student Council
  • Clarkston High School Theater
  • Leaders of the Rough Riding Rustler 4-H Group (Pat Bogar, Dondi Hilderbrand, Judy Marshall, Tina Woods)
  • Lincoln Middle School Music Parent Group
  • Clarkston AFJROTC Program


The Asotin County Teen Group has been active for many years. This year they acquired an Art Grants through Boeing, and have truly put it to good use. They have educated many of the Lewiston-Clarkston kids about art; and given many youth in the Valley the opportunity to learn and experience the artistic process. Recently they even offered a free art project at the Motivational Media Presentation sponsored by the Youth Commission.

In today’s society, the Arts can sometimes be put on the back burner. This organization really does its part to make sure that this doesn’t happen here in Asotin County. Each member shows positive engagement and leadership when working with young kids, and the hard work put in by the adults and youth really shows. (nominated by Sidnee Grubb, Teen Group and ACYC member)

The Clarkston AFJROTC Program has done many things over the years for the community and the school They have about 85 cadets in the program and every cadet has done at least 10 hours or more of community service. The program in total has done over 2200 hours this year alone.

The ROTC does so much for the community without needing to be asked and is always there to help in whatever way possible. The program helps many students maintain their grades and teaches them honor, respect and discipline. This program has made better students and by doing that, a better community for AFJROTC students. They are always willing to help out in any way possible. (nominated by Evett Voyles, Cadet and ACYC member)

The Clarkston Theater does many things around the school that most people are not aware of. They have done the make-up for “Every 15 Minutes” for everyone who has “died”. The Tech Team also does a lot for the school, including helping with Mr. CHS; the Distinguished Young Women’s Program; and performing several plays each year. (nominated by Evett Voyles, ACYC member)

The Asotin County Fair Boosters help with funding to support 4-H and FFA youth going to events such as Know Your Government, 4-H Teen Conference and the Teen Rally. They are a great asset to the youth of Asotin County and we would like to thank you and recognize you for all of the significant contributions that you make to our youth. (nominated by Chris Stump, 4-H and ACYC member)

The Clarkston High School Student Council has sponsored 2 blood drives, raised money for Family Promise, Asotin County Food Bank, Backpacks for Kids, and took part in the Cardboard Box City. And they have organized community activities including alumni and other events during Homecoming Week and the Golden Throne. They are an outstanding group of young people who understand the importance of volunteering their time to improve their school and community. (nominated by Kay Andersen, Clarkston High School ASB Advisor)

5ROUGH RIDING RUSTLERS 4-H GROUP LEADERS – Judy Marshall, Dondi Hilderbrand, Pat Bogar and Tina Woods.Rough Riding Rustlers 4-H Group
Judy, Dondi, Pat and Tina are always working towards what is best for our 4-H group, the Rough Riding Rustlers. They are always concerning themselves with the safety of both the horse and rider, while working towards the relationship between them.

These adults should be recognized for all of their hard work. They give of their time to help us, even though most of them don’t have their own kids still competing. These leaders should be recognized for all of their efforts. (nominated by Alison Todderud, Rough Riding Rustler’s 4-H group member)

This organization was founded by 6 parents in August of 2000 and now consists of all parents who have students in the Lincoln Middle School Music Program. Even though this group changes from year to year, it has helped thousands of music students at Lincoln Middle School by organizing fund raisers; purchasing instruments; chaperoning trips locally, to Seattle, Spokane; and to the various large group festivals and solo and ensembles festivals as well as All State Performances.

The music director at Lincoln Middle School has been blessed and has been able to expand the music program and offerings in the music department due to the help from the Misic Parent Group. If it was left up to one person to do all that the Music Parent Group assists with, many of the above mentioned things wouldn’t get accomplished as efficiently. After 12 years of this group’s existence, I believe and hope that it is time for them to be recognized and to be able to tell them “thank you” for what they have done and what they currently do as a group to help so many of our community music students. (nominated by Linda Togerson, LMS Music Director)