• Gail Campbell
  • Cathy Carlson
  • Dan Cease
  • Paige Frazier
  • Tom Grunenfelder
  • Lt. Col. Stephen Heflin
  • Brianne Javaux
  • Keith Johnson
  • TSgt. Douglas Lincoln
  • Stephanie Lower
  • Sandy Lunders
  • Pat Ogden
  • Deb Romesburg
  • Dr. David Rustebakke
  • Jessica Ubachs
  • Lisa Ubachs
  • Dr. Deborah Wagner


aDAN CEASE, Clarkston Community Gardener Coordinator
Dan has spearheaded the Clarkston Community Garden for three years. This year the garden was forced to move to a new location. Dan coordinated the move by finding the space, preparing a plot plan, and working daily since the end of December 2011 to ensure people have their garden beds ready by planting season. The garden is important because a large majority of the harvest of fresh vegetables goes to the food bank to assist those who can’t afford to purchase fresh homegrown foods.

The Clarkston Community Garden has become a full time volunteer job for Dan. He should be recognized as a leader and one who follows through on every detail. (nominated by Donna Larson, Community volunteer)

bKEITH JOHNSON, Clarkston High School Custodian  
Keith is the custodian at CHS. He pays attention to detail while cleaning and repairing items – but still manages to know students names, smile and welcome people to our school. In the last few years, Keith has used his  own money and his own time to paint and fix up parts of our school that everyone sees! He helps us feel good about our school and the buildings – he is Awesome!. (nominated by Kay Andersen, CHS Teacher)

cSTEPHANIE LOWER, Clarkston G.E.A.R. U.P. Tutor
Stephanie is a G.E.A.R. U.P. Tutor at Clarkston High School. Shi is not only a fun person to be around, but she’s sometimes the only one who can help me through a really tough Algebra II problem! I personally have never gone into the G.E.A.R. U.P Room and see Stephanie not helping another student in some way. Not only is she great at her job, you can tell she really enjoys coming to work every day. I feel that giving her this recognition is the best way to let her know how much myself, and the students of CHS really appreciate her. (nominated by Sidnee Grubb, ACYC member)

dDR. DAVID RUSTEBAKKE, DVM, owner of Rustebakke Veterinary Service
Dr. Rustebakke is a great role model. He is always willing to share his time and talents in support of local 4-H and FFA members. Examples of this include presenting at local Youth Livestock Field Days; serving as entertainment at 4-H events like the Southeast District Teen Rally; and having programs for 4-H members and leaders at his Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Rustebakke should be recognized for his long-term commitment to the youth of the Lewis-Clark Valley.  (nominated by Mark Heitstuman, WSU Asotin County Extension Director)

Ms. Wagner has been teaching high school Spanish in our community close to 30 years. she has nurtured several generations of students. She not only teaches Spanish language in an engaging form, but she also teaches the culture of Spanish-speaking countries and Latino work. In order to support this understanding of culture, she takes a dozen or more teenagers on a 10 day+ trip to Europe every other year. Talk about bravery! It was an amazing experience and the longest time most of us had been away from home. She encouraged us to try everything, but was patient with those who were less adventurous. She helped us do as much fund-raising as we wanted for the trip, and involved parents in all the preparations too. She is an expert traveler and shared her tips with us.

Senora Wagner has her Ph. D in Education, and is currently studying for her National Board Certification  – a huge amount of work and the pinnacle demonstration of a top-notch teacher. Gracias, Profesora Wagner!  (nominated by Brady Ross-Minton, CHS Student)