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Asotin County Youth Commission

Asotin County Youth Commission Vision

To create, foster, & maintain a positive environment for all the youth of Asotin County through partnerships that identify, promote & provide community resources for youth involvement, leadership, recognition & empowerment.

 Objectives of the Asotin County Youth Commission

  • To identify issues and concerns important to Asotin County Youth through outreach and engagement with other youth; and to make recommendations to county officials regarding these issues.
  • To inform the community about the concerns and needs of youth through the support of youth activities.
  • To improve adult/youth partnerships by creating & maintaining positive, exemplary, & honorable relations with county residents.
  • To provide leadership training & offer youth opportunities to develop their own personal leadership skills.

Awards Night Nomination Forms

The Awards Night Nomination Forms are located on the “Youth Awards Night” page.


2017-2018 Youth Commissioners

  • Anna Belanger, Niobe Bender, Rikki Claunch, Christin Fisbeck, Lauren Kimler, LaReisha Kunze, Dean McCray, Alyssa Pearson, Rylie Lowe, Paxton Taylor, Abby Vance, Riley Ziegler, Taylor Ziegler