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The Veterans Advisory Board advises the Asotin County Board of Commissioners on the expenditure of the Asotin County Veterans Relief Fund.  The fund’s purpose is to help qualified Veterans, their qualified widows and qualified dependents  who are residents of Asotin County.

Upon determining eligibility, the guidelines shall be used in order to determine assistance and the amount of assistance including;

Guidelines (<– view)

  • Monthly Rent: Once per year, no more than 2 consecutive years. Paid to the provider.
  • Deposit: (Apartment, Utilities, Phone) one time only. Paid to the provider.
  • Transportation reimbursement for travel to VA or other Medical Facilities and local bus tokens.
  • Utilities: With proof of shut off; one time only. Paid to the provider.
  • Medical / Dental / Optometry: Once per year. Two times total. Paid to the provider.
  • Education: Tuition Assistance, books and equipment. Paid to the provider.

Veteran Relief Fund Contact forms may be emailed to or placed in a “Drop Box” located at the Asotin County Library in Clarkston or the Asotin County Annex building in Asotin.

Veterans Relief Fund Contact Form(<– fillable form)

For additional help or questions please contact Chuck Whitman (509) 758-3959

“Asotin County is home to about 3,000 veterans. The region has one of the highest populations of veterans due in part to the mild climate and fishing and hunting opportunities” … Chuck Whitman

“Assisting the spouses of deceased veterans and their children in times of need is possible because of the good stewardship of the veterans relief fund over the past four years” … Chuck Whitman