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Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit must accompany any legal document transferring ownership of real property. The Affidavit will not be accepted by the Treasurer’s office unless all areas 1-7 are complete.

Real Estate Excise Tax rates are based on a percentage of the sale price as shown below:

Washington State 1.28% Plus Local Total

Asotin County .25% 1.53%

City of Asotin .75% 2.03%

City of Clarkston .25% 1.53%

In addition to excise tax there is a $5.00 Electronic Technology Fee.

If there is no tax owing there is a total fee of $10.00.

$5.00 Electronic technology Fee.

$5.00 Processing Fee.

Asotin County does not accept on-line Excise Tax Affidavits, however you can print the form and bring in all completed copies with original signatures.

Real Estate Excise Tax Rules and Regulations Chapter 458-61A WAC

For online forms click on the link below.

Last Update 12/09/2010