Sheriff Hilderbrand

Mission Statement To make our community a safe and secure place to work and live through professional, equal, and thorough, law enforcement.

The Asotin County Sheriff’s Office will provide courteous, thorough and impartial law enforcement throughout the county.   We, the Sheriff’s Office, will work cooperatively with law enforcement from the adjoining states and surrounding communities to ensure Asotin County is a safe and secure place to live and work.


Our community will recognize the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office as a progressive leader and trusted community partner working to make Asotin County a safe, secure, and productive place for people to work, live, and go to school We will have a solid reputation for respecting individual rights while enforcing the law in an equal and aggressive manner within the laws we enforce. We will be known for operating a tough no frills jail that is clean, meets humanitarian needs, and saves the taxpayer dollars. We will be acknowledged for our commitment to make Asotin County a better place to live and an uncomfortable   place for people who break the law.


Sheriff John Hilderbrand