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Plant Overview-

 Yellow starthistle is a scourge to range lands throughout the west. This winter annual is toxic to horses and is capable of drastically reducing biodiversity by overwhelming vast swaths of landscapes forming dense monocultures. The spiny heads of mature plants are unpleasant in recreational areas and unpalatable to most animals save for goats and, even after several mowings, plants can produce mature seed. Seeds of yellow starthistle plants can remain viable for as long as 10 years while some estimate even longer viability.

Cost-Sharing Details–

*NOTICE* Funding has ended for the 2018 Cost-Share Programs. Funding is expected to begin again in 2019 for the Cost-Share Programs.


For 2018, the yellow starthistle and scotch thistle cost-sharing program is similar to year’s past:

  • The ACNWCB offers a 1:1 dollar matching rate up to a $500 expense by the weed board per landowner (e.g. ACNWCB contributes $500, landowner contiributes $500) for the treatment of yellow starthistle. Expenses beyond this $500 ACNWCB cost-share limit will be the responsibility of the landowner. Treatments/projects are not limited to $1000 however the landowner will be fully responsible for expenses beyond this amount.
  • The ACNWCB offers a 1:1 dollar matching rate up to a $100 expense by the weed board per landowner for the treatment of scotch thistle. Expenses beyond this $100 ACNWCB cost-share limit will be the responsibility of the landowner.
  • Maximum benefit of $600 per landowner if both species are present and selected for targeting under this program.
  • Costs exceeding either dollar limit will be paid for by the landowner, for example: a yellow starthistle job costs a contractor $1200, the owner pays $700 while the ACNWCB pays only its $500 offered limit. If a job costs a contractor $800 both parties pay $400.
  • Work will be done on a first-come first-serve basis until funds are exhausted or environmental conditions prohibit treatment.
  • Timing of aerial applications are determined by the pilots and their schedules and usually occur in the latter half of June to the earlier portion of July.

How to Apply- 

Complete and submit both forms below and coordinate with the Program Coordinator for mapping of your treatment area. Be sure to agree to and e-sign the “Herbicide Application and Cost-Share Contract” on this page!

Herbicide Application and Cost-Share Contract

[swiftsign swift_form_id=”1283″]
I, [swift_name size=”medium”], as the landowner or individual assigned as manager of the property, agree to the following terms set forth by the Asotin County Noxious Weed Control Board:

Initial:[swift_initials] I will be responsible for the costs of all off target herbicide damage from aerial or ground application by providing sufficient maps of desired application area and/or coordinating directly (in person) with the applicator and/or program coordinator for the Asotin County Noxious Weed Control Board (damage caused by malfunction of spray equipment or pilot error is the applicator’s responsibility.)

Initial:[swift_initials] I acknowledge that due to flight variables the pilot will not give notice to me before the aerial application occurs.

Initial:[swift_initials] I will inform the applicator of any necessary concerns or information including but not limited to: boundaries, sensitive plants, crops, animals or management areas, potential sensitive adjacent property cropping rotations or any additional item the owner or manager deems to be a necessary concern. The landowner or individual appointed as manger of the property will not hold the applicator responsible in regard to grievances that are not expressly communicated as necessary concerns.

Initial: [swift_initials] I will hold harmless, indemnify and defend Asotin County and the Asotin Couny Noxious Weed Control Board, its officers, officials, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, liability, loss, expenses, damages and judgements of any nature whatsoever including reasonable costs and attorney’s fees in defense therof, for injury, sickness, disability or death to persons or damage to property or business caused by or arising out of Landowner/Operator/Applicator’s acts, errors or omissions.


I agree to the terms of the Herbicide Application and Cost-Share Contract above