1. Do you have to live in Asotin County to work for the County?  No you do not, you may reside in Lewiston, Clarkston, or surrounding area.

2. When do benefits start after hire?  They start the first day of the following calendar month.

3. Is there a Union?  We have 3 Unions and 1 Guild that represent the majority of the employees. Participation in the Union/Guild is mandatory for particular positions which is outlined in the job posting.

4. Are there pay raises?  Raises are negotiated and defined in the Union contracts and are given annually in January. For merit staff there are increases given biannually on your anniversary date with COLA’s given in January at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners.

5. Where are open positions posted?  They are always located in the Asotin County Annex, 2nd floor. Positions are frequently put in the Lewiston Morning Tribune as well as our County website. Occasionally they are listed in the Spokane newspapers and other governmental websites.