benefitsWhat are some of the benefits of composting?


  • Compost can replace or supplement the use of commercial fertilizers by homeowners.
  • Reduces soil compaction, increases water retention, increases organic matter and can aid in weed and disease suppression.
  • The most environmentally effective method of dealing with yard and compostable kitchen waste by diverting it from the solid waste stream and landfills.


Where can I use my compost?

Lawn—established lawns—surface apply 1/2” in the Fall.  New lawn establishment, till in 1”-2” of compost to 6” prior to seeding.

Trees & Shrubs—Mulch around  established trees and shrubs leaving a free 6” diameter to deter rodent damage. New tree plantings, no more than 20% compost to soil mix.

Flower and Vegetable Beds —incorporate 1/2” -1”  per year in the Fall.  Compost can be applied between rows while gardening to aide water retention and suppress weeds.