Brian Shinn, District 1 РPlanning & Zoning, Air Quality, LC Valley Chamber of Commerce, FEMA, Health District, Metropolitan Planning Organization РMPO, Public Transportation Benefit Area РPTBA, Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization РPRTPO, Salmon Recovery Board, Southeast Washington Economic Development Association РSEWEDA, Valley Vision, Youth Commission, Courthouse, Finance Committee, Law Library.


Chris Seubert, District 2 РAnatone Community Center, Aging & Long Term Care, Community Wildfire Protection Plan РCWPP, Indigent Burial, Disability LEOFF 1 Plan, Health District, EMS, Valley Wide Tourism, Housing Authority, Hotel-Motel, Dept. of Social & Health Services РDSHS, Fair Board, Leased Land, LC Valley Homeless Task Force, WA-ID Volunteer Board, Quality Behavioral Health, Greater Columbia BHO, Parks & Recreation.


Jim Jeffords, District 3 – Eastern WA Partnership Workforce Development Council – WDC, Washington Rural Counties Insurance Pool – WRCIP, Clarkston EPIC, Health District, Law & Justice, Martin Hall, Whitcom, Personnel-Medical-Insurance, Blue Mountain Resource Conservation & Development – BMRCD, Stormwater Mgt. Team, Solid Waste Advisory Committee – SWAC, Veteran’s Advisory Board, Washington State Board of Health, Foundational Pub. Health Policy Group, WSAC Legislative Steering Committee, Columbia River Treaty Caucus, Governor’s Alliance for Suicide Prevention, Jail Advisory Committee, NACO Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee.