District #1 Commissioner (Vice-Chair)

WHEN ELECTED:  2011   

COMMITTEES YOU SERVE ON: Southeast Washington Economic Development Association (SEWEDA),LC Valley Chamber of Commerce, Valley Vision, LC Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (LCVMPO), FEMA, PRTPO, Snake River Salmon Recovery Board, PTBA, Asotin County Youth Commission, Health District and Courthouse.

YOUR GOALS FOR THE COUNTY:  Like every county, our biggest challenge right now is ensuring public health safety while simultaneously re-opening our economy. This is our main focus right now.  We are utilizing CARES funding to improve safety while conducting county business face-to-face with the public as well as expanding and improving technology access so that folks can do business remotely with Asotin County. We are working to ensure the survival of local businesses and the jobs they provide, utilizing business grants available through federal CARES funding and the Washington Department of Commerce. We are moving forward with the construction of a new Asotin County Jail Facility funded by a voter approved Public Safety Sales tax. We are working with local governments within Asotin County and the valley to jointly provide services whenever possible without duplicating programs and cost. Even though essential services mandated by the state are not funded sufficiently by the state, our goal is to deliver those services as effectively and efficiently as possible.

HOBBIES, CAREER & SPOUSE/CHILDREN: I’m a news junkie for current events and balance that with an addiction to reading fictional works, usually murder mysteries or espionage. I have grown to enjoy yardwork over the years. My wife Peggy and I have 5 children between us and 6 grandchildren.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE THE CITIZENS TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: We sold our Shinn-Reimers business after 40 years in 2018 and I retired in 2019 from hosting Opinion Please on KRLC since 1985.