ASOTIN COUNTY ELECTION ALERT: On Monday, October 22, 2018, we became aware of a vendor error made in preparing ballot packages for Asotin County. Ballots were sent out with return envelopes that require postage to be affixed, even though no postage is required for the 2018 General Election. The vendor has mailed correct ballot-return envelopes to every voter in Asotin County, along with a letter explaining their error and providing instructions to remedy the issue.

  • If you have not yet submitted your ballot, please use the replacement postage-paid envelope when it arrives.
  • If you have already mailed a ballot with postage affixed, your ballot will be delivered.
  • If you have already mailed a ballot without postage, post offices in both counties have indicated they will deliver those envelopes as well.
  • If you have already submitted your ballot via drop box, you are not affected by this.

In any case, voters are encouraged to visit MyVote.wa.gov to log in and check the status of their ballot. If you have concerns about any aspect of this process, please contact us immediately.

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The Elections Department administers all federal, state and local elections in Asotin County, registers voters, maintains voter registration records, and provides voters information. Currently, there are approximately 14,500 registered voters in Asotin County.

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